• About  Shreem  Jewels

    Shreem Jewels stands for quality and trust. Our designs are depicting our growth from Traditional to Modern era, where strong traditional base are the roots and modern adaptations are woven over it.

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  • The Mumbai Crafted Antique Necklace

    The designs of religious antique style jewels that were known to hold mystical powers sufficient to turn the feel into a royal touch

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  • The Raw Crystals

    A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to a gemstone. We serve you the raw to finish material on demands.

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  • The Art of Bangles

    Gold Bangles are a unique gold jewellery style that has been adorned by both men and women since time immemorial. We have a special rannge of Gold Bangles designs to entice everyone. From simple and classy designs, to fashionable and designer patterns, to antique designs, we have something for every choice with a vast variety of Gold Bangles design for daily use.

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  • The Colour Crystals

    Gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty. Each gemstone is unique with a special color.

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  • Neck around Chokars

    Add that charm to your modish look and a magical finish to your evening style with handcrafted chokars set from The Ethnic jewellery collection. Jewellery make you look beautiful and gorgeous. So, choose your favourite to make an outstanding statement and feel like a goddess.

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  • The Diamond Ring

    In power to slogen "diamonds are forever", A diamond ring is presented as an engagement gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose a new bigening with each other.

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  • Photo Title

    Whether it's to wear every day or for those one-off special occasions, a necklace is as unique and beautiful selection. Whether you want subtle but delicate round diamond pendants, or to make a statement and layer up your favourite designs, our crafted necklaces include a whole range of different styles for you.

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  • The Meena Art

    Dazzling meenakari works of Rajasthan has greatly influenced the bridal jewelry collection of India. The beauty of this art lies in the intensity of technical skills required for its creation which gives perfection to the ornaments with meenakari designs

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  • The Arebic "Ayetain"

    Our jewels incorporate the art of Arabic calligraphy with words of positivity acting as affirmations for spreading values of love and peace to the world

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  • The Crystal Jewellery

    Ever wondered how the smallest things in life give maximum pleasure? A small piece signifies so much more than love, stands as a symbol of assertiveness and strength and signifies happiness and life by itself. We offer these special moments through our endless variety of gemstone jewellery designs.

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  • The West Bengal Classic

    Classic jewellery refers to those designs that never get outdated and can be worn by all age groups. These are heirloom products, which can be passed from one generation to other

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